Love Fantasy Caprice Nurse Julie By William David
Love Fantasy Caprice Nurse Julie By William David

Love Fantasy Caprice Nurse Julie By William David

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Julie and Stephen became “an item,” spending considerable time together; eventually bonding with one another during Stephen’s three-year residency requirement. But Julie dealt with the loss of the young doctor’s friendship, love and attention as best she could when he took a position in a distant Jacksonville hospital. Her heartbreak over her shattered relationship with Doctor Langer was extremely stressful. Reluctantly, she wrote to him.

Dear Stephen,

I suppose I'm going against all the laws and then some by writing to you. Please forgive me for being so bold. I just needed to somehow talk to you; to tell you my mind is still at your place on Market Street. It has been there every day since then.

   Every day brings thoughts of you, happy thoughts that I remember about you, only happy thoughts.

   Once I couldn't stand to have anyone touch me. No one touches me now; but you. You've touched me in so many ways. You have awakened my soul to the important things in my life.

   Once I believed if I thought I could accomplish something, such as painting from memory, it was only a team effort that made it possible. Since then I have not painted. I can not paint from memory by myself.

Thank God for the memories of you. They are warm memories, comfortable, soft, and ever so close to my heart memories. And thank you for the joy I experience now.

The most intense joy lies, not in the having, but in the desire; C. S. Lewis was right.

That is why I am writing to you now. Just thought you should know by hearing it from me personally.




    Soon after receiving her letter Doctor Langer was back. What part did Julie’s letter play in his decision to move back? Could Nurse Julie be close to being in a love-triangle with the now married young doctor?