Five custom Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Campaigns

Five custom Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Campaigns

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We will research your genre and competition, and develop several lists of personally-tailored, highly-effective keywords. We use A/B testing and ad-copy modification to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns.

We will then deliver five separate, unique, and effective keyword campaigns that will keep your book in front of hundreds of thousands of readers. Unlike a Bookbub ad, you don’t need to organize any special marketing pushes or run a price promotion. AMS works in the background, constantly creating visibility for your book, which can lead to the author’s holy grail—consistent sales.

Please plan to spend an additional $50 – $100 a month on pay per click advertising on Amazon for as long as your campaign runs.


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5 custom Amazon Marketing Services Campaigns

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Five Campaigns Only, Five Campaigns Including Weekly Moderation