Why A Vegan Diet? & Gorgeous Plates To Get You Started

Why A Vegan Diet?Becoming Vegan was something that never crossed my mind. I was a vegetarian that ate a “healthy diet”...  veggies and fruits, not much bread, A LOT of cheese. I felt as good as I thought I could feel, and at least I wasn’t hurting any animals, right? Well the day came when I found that all to be an illusion. Educating myself on what was going on in the Animal Agriculture industry become a priority and becoming Vegan was an overnight decision. Once I knew the facts about these destructive practices I knew I could no longer feed the cycle of negativity being projected into our ether. And so, here I am today to help make this an easy decision and transition for you as it was for me. With lots of love, compassion, and excitement we begin on this journey to better our mind, body, spirit, and planet!